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The Russian frigate MARSHAL SHAPOSHNIKOV has conducted missile firings in the Sea of Japan. A video of the exercises was posted by the Russian Ministry of Defence’s YouTube channel. According to the information from the ministry’s press service, the frigate launched a brand-new OTVET (REPULSE) anti-submarine missile to engage an underwater target, which it reportedly hit. The firings were carried out at a naval range in the Peter the Great Bay.

The missile was launched from a 3S-14 universal launcher designed for the CALIBER cruise missiles and the ONYX anti-ship missiles. Earlier in April, the Russian Ministry of Defence reported a CALIBER missile successfully engaging a coastal target at a distance of more than 1,000 km during firings in the Sea of Japan.

The OTVET system consists of an anti-submarine guided missile which is launched from the 3S-14 universal launchers. At the front, the missile carries a small anti-submarine torpedo with a homing head. When approaching the target, the missile releases a torpedo into the water by parachute, which independently continues to search for the submerged target using a sonar. The maximum firing range of the surface-launcher missile version is 40 km. The system can be installed on:

  • frigates
  • corvettes
  • destroyers
  • cruisers

Other Test Firings

The MARSHAL SHAPOSHNIKOV has subjected to major overhaul and modernisation measures at the Dalzavod (Far East plant) ship-repair facility and was re-qualified as a frigate. In the scope of the programme, the ship received new weapons. This also included universal launchers for the CALIBER and ONYX missiles as well as ZIRCON, the URAN anti-ship system with Kh-35 missiles and in the future, a new artillery mount.

The Vladivostok-based Dalzavod Ship Repair Center is also involved in major overhaul of the Project 1155 sister ship ADMIRAL VINOGRADOV which entered service with the Soviet Pacific Fleet in 1989.

The day after the MARSHAL SHAPOSHNIKOV exercise the Project 22350 frigate ADMIRAL GORSHKOV caried out a successful firing of the ZIRCON supersonic missile against a shore target. It reportedly reached a top speed of Mach 8 to destroy the target at the testing range based in the Arkhangelsk region. The missile will enter service with Russian surface combatants in 2022. According to the Russian MoD, the related facilities have been under construction.