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According to a press announcement from the company, the Kalashnikov Group increased its share of military exports by over 70 per cent in 2021 when compared to 2020. Among the main export products are the AK 100th and 200th series assault rifles, as well as the RATNIK (WARRIOR) line and high-precision weaponry.

“Military and civilian products under the Kalashnikov brand are supplied to a total of 27 countries around the world”, said Vladimir Lepin, General Director of Kalashnikov.

During an official visit to India by the Russian President Vladimir Putin last year, a contract was signed between the Indian Ministry of Defence and the Russian-Indian joint venture Indo-Russia Rifles Private Limited for the supply of AK-203 assault rifles. These will be produced in India with technical assistance from the Kalashnikov Group.

Recently, Kalashnikov also announced the production of a large batch of AK assault rifles “in the interests of a foreign customer from the Asia-Pacific Region” under a contract concluded by Rosoboronexport, the national defence trader.