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In the scope of the procurement effort for three Lockheed C-130J-30s and another three KC-130J SUPER HERCULES aircraft, the German Bundeswehr has decided to equip all aircraft with Hensoldt’s defensive sensor technology, the company writes in a press release. With MILDS Block 2, Hensoldt is to supply a total of 35 sensors (five per aircraft and five units for lab use) to the Danish company Terma A/S, which is managing the integration of the systems at Lockheed Martin through Terma Inc. The contracts, with a scope of €2.9M were signed in 2020.

So far, 20 sensors and desiccant-kits have already been delivered. By January 2023, the remaining 15 sensors are scheduled for delivery. The first SUPER HERCULES for the German Air Force was handed over in Évreux/Fauville (France) on 19 February 2022 to the Franco-German air-transport squadron.

MILDS Block 2 is a passive, true imaging sensor system optimised for detecting emission signatures in the UV solar blind spectral band emitted from an approaching missile exhaust plume. The sensor is designed as the successor to the MILDS AN/AAR-60, offering increased sensitivity and additional applications.