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The first four CV90 combat support vehicles were delivered to the Norwegian Armed Forces during a ceremony hosted by local industry partner Ritek AS in Levanger, Norway, BAE Systems Hägglunds writes in a press release

The four vehicles are the first of 20 modernised CV90 engineering vehicles BAE Systems is deliver, in partnership with Ritek and the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency.

According to BAE Systems, partnering with the Norwegian defence industry was a key factor in getting the contract signed and the vehicles into production quickly, under measures implemented by the Norwegian Parliament to support the country’s economy through the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic. BAE Systems serves as the main supplier, while Ritek plays a central role in purchasing, logistics, final assembly, and integration. Ritek has also been responsible for coordinating the project and growing the participation of Norwegian industry. As a result, about 20 Norwegian companies are now qualified suppliers of products and components for the CV90 vehicles, and an integral part of BAE Systems’ Norwegian supply chain, the company emphasises.