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Diehl Defence and RAFAEL are going to cooperate on the recentlyunveiled SPICE 250 ER, alongside the gliding SPICE 250 as a system intended to be manufactured in Germany by Diehl Defence, Rafael writes in a press release.

SPICE 250 is the smallest of the SPICE family, which includes the SPICE 250, SPICE 1000, and SPICE 2000. According to Rafael, SPICE is a stand-off, air-to-surface weapon system that strikes targets with pinpoint accuracy and at high attack volumes, independent of GPS, by applying scene-matching algorithms. SPICE is combat-proven and in service with the IAF and with a number of international customers.

The SPICE 250 ER preserves the same characteristics as SPICE 250, incorporating a small turbojet engine to provide range extension, thus enabling stand-off range while retaining the same mission-planning system, aircraft interfaces, and aircrew operation.

This missile, and its ER variant, provide an array of homing modes which are to maximise mission success rate while minimising collateral damage. They also incorporate a net-enabled digital data link which allows a Humanin-the-Loop capability, abort-mission command, and BDI.