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Saab has announced that the METEOR air-to-air missile has recently been launched from a GRIPEN E fighter aircraft for the first time during a test launch at the Vidsel test range in northern Sweden. The company stated that during the test, the METEOR was launched at an altitude of about 5,000 m and achieved a successful result on target.

According to Saab, the GRIPEN E flight test programme is focussed on further development and testing, especially of the tactical systems, as well as the integration of a number of weapons, including METEOR. The METEOR missile is powered by a ramjet engine and can attain speeds of up to mach four, enabling the engagement of targets beyond visual range, out to 200 km.

METEOR is produced by a European consortium including MBDA, Airbus and Saab Bofors. Saab stated that approximately 1,500 METEORs have so far been delivered to eight countries. The missile’s user base includes Germany, which is presently undertaking efforts to integrate the weapon with its EUROFIGHTER fleet.