The Lithuanian Armed Forces have contracted Expal Systems SA of Spain to supply 120-MX2-SM 120 mm towed mortars, in order to improve their infantry fire support capabilities. According to the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence, the contract was awarded to Expal due to the company offering the best price. The contract is valued at EUR 9.8 million, however the quantity of mortars to be delivered has not been confirmed. Deliveries are expected to be completed within two years, with half of the mortars due to enter service as early as late 2023.

Expal’s 120-MX2-SM is a one-axle trailer-based 120 mm mortar capable of engaging a wide variety of targets at ranges of up to 8 km. The trailer holds up to 16 mortar bombs and their propellant charges. A well-trained mortar team is able to set up the weapon system and make ready to fire within one minute. After the fire mission is completed, the mortar can then be relocated within 90 seconds.