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On 14 December 2022, Naval Group announced that it is planning to open a wholly-owned subsidiary in Greece in early 2023. The subsidiary, called Naval Group Hellas, will be based in Athens and will support the group’s Hellenic Industry Participation plan, as well as helping to further the involvement of Hellenic partners in the group’s international operations.

Under Naval Group’s proposed industrial plan, the first of four Gowind corvettes on order for Greece would be built in France within three years of the contract coming into force, while the remaining three would be built in Greece by Hellenic Shipyards, at intervals of one year each following delivery of the first vessel.

At present, the contenders for the Greek corvette contract include Naval Group with the Gowind 2800HN (based on the Gowind 2500 design), Fincantieri with their FCX30 Design, and Damen offering their SIGMA 10514HN (based on the SIGMA 10514 design).