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Within the US Army’s latest USD 1.9 Bn (EUR 1.8 Bn) contract award to Boeing for 184 Apache AH-64E attack helicopters will be the first Apaches for Australia, which are to be delivered to the Australian Army from 2026, according to the company.

Australia decided in 2021 to replace its Airbus Tiger armed reconnaissance helicopters with 29 AH-64Es, becoming the 18th nation to operate the Apache.

The latest Apache production order for Boeing will also see AH-64E attack helicopters manufactured for Australia. (Photo: Boeing)

The AH-64 is a combat helicopter in the 10-ton class, manned by a pilot and a gunner. In addition to its centrally located 30 mm cannon, the AH-64 has three weapon stations under each of its two stub wings for up to four air-to-ground and two air-to-air weapons, which can be equipped according to national specifications and depending on the mission.

The aircraft can fly to an altitude of 6,400 m and reaches a top speed of 293 km/h.

The AH-64E Apache Guardian is equipped with additional sensors and communications to increase its reconnaissance capabilities and it can control unmanned aerial vehicles for manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) operations.

Gerhard Heiming