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Elbit Systems used the 2023 Paris Air Show to unveil its Nano SPEAR: an advanced, digital and miniature system designed as a countermeasure to protect aircraft against radar-guided air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles. An advanced, expendable radio frequency (RF) decoy, the Nano SPEAR, once launched, acts independently to lure away hostile radar-guided missiles.

The Nano SPEAR system, which is predominantly focused on protecting fighters, can either be complementary to an aircraft’s existing electronic warfare (EW) system and operate in co-ordination with it, or can work as a standalone system in the absence of an EW system, providing effective RF protection to both legacy and new platforms.

Each Nano SPEAR decoy weighs less than 800 g. (Photo: P Felstead)

The Nano SPEAR features an advanced digital receiver, a digital radio frequency memory system, and a sophisticated EW technique generator. “This cutting-edge technology allows it to handle the most advanced radar threats,” according to Elbit.

Each Nano SPEAR decoy weighs less than 800 g and is launched via a standard countermeasures dispenser.

Speaking to ESD in Paris on 19 June, Nimrod Ben Meir, vice president for business development and marketing at Elbit Systems, said that development of the Nano SPEAR decoy is almost complete. The system will be launched into serial production at the beginning of 2024, he said, adding that Elbit Systems is “already in process with several customers”.

The Nano SPEAR is part of the Self Protection Electronic Attack and Reconnaissance (SPEAR) product family, which includes the Micro SPEAR for very small installations; Light SPEAR for installation on medium/large-sized helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles; and the Advanced SPEAR electronic countermeasures pod currently on contract to protect the Embraer C-390 transport aircraft.

Peter Felstead