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Israeli satellite communications provider Orbit Communications Systems has launched a cyber security solutions for its Gaia100 Earth observation antenna systems called NetShroud+, the company announced on 7 August 2023.

NetShroud+, which includes “a comprehensive array of advanced cyber security features” according to Orbit,protects remotely locatedground stations from potential local or remote cyber attacks in order to guarantee that the antenna will point to the satellite under all possible conditions. 

“NetShroud+ shields the systems invisibly [from] attacks, providing an impregnable shield against identity theft and unauthorised access attempts to the antenna control unit,” Orbit stated in a press release. “The robust implementation of White-Box Cryptography guarantees superior encryption, even in the face of adversaries with complete knowledge and control over the system. With a latency of fewer than four nanoseconds, NetShroud+ ensures ultra-low-latency encryption with throughput ranging from 1 Gbit to 100 Gbit per second, safeguarding the data in transit efficiently.

Orbit’s Gaia100 satellite tracking systems can now be protected against cyber attack. (Image: Orbit Communications Systems)

“The integration of White/Black List Filtering, Zero Trust Micro-segmentation, and deep packet inspection (DPI) and prevention (DPP) capabilities grants granular control over network traffic and deep visibility into data packets,” the company added. “At the same time, DPP actively identifies and thwarts potential threats, safeguarding your Earth Observation ground station and access to the Gaia100 antenna control unit management.”  

Orbit further explained that NetShroud+ leverages the power of artificial neural networks (ANNs) and artificial intelligence (AI) to detect anomalies and zero-day attacks in real time, providing advanced protection against a wide range of cyber threats.

The NetShroud+ capability can be added as an optionto the Gaia100 Earth observation ground station, with this combined solution being known as Gaia100+. 

Peter Felstead