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When Milipol Paris 2023 opens its doors from 14-17 November and is inaugurated by French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, it will be the largest event in terms of exhibitors and exhibition space, with an unprecedented growth of over 40% compared to the last edition.

Of the more than 1,100 exhibitors, 47% are new and 61% are coming from abroad (representing 48 countries), of which eight are newcomers: Australia, Colombia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Romania, Serbia, Singapore and Taiwan.

Recognising innovation

Innovation will be highlighted in particular through the Milipol Innovation Awards: trophies designed to reward the best innovations by manufacturers present at Milipol in terms of products, equipment, services, solutions or business models. The trophies are awarded in six categories, with a category dedicated to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives added for the 2023 event. The awards ceremony will take place at the show on Tuesday 14 November at 2 pm.

The Milipol Innovations Awards cover the following six categories: 

  • Cyber security: the fight against cyber threats and cyber-criminality solutions 
  • Large event security management: access control, flow management, biometrics solutions, CCTV, detectors, IA solutions and new technologies 
  • Individual equipment/first responder protection: materials, textiles, fabrics & accessories 
  • Drone/counter-drone systems and robotics 
  • Crisis management: emergency population warning systems, crisis management capabilities, command-and-control systems 
  • Corporate social responsibility: CSR initiatives implemented by our exhibitors within their companies or with their equipment, products and solutions 

Meanwhile, for the first time this year the start-up area will welcome start-ups from Generat by GICAT, highlighting the entrepreneurial dynamism of the security sector. Some 30 start-ups will be present and will have seven minutes to showcase their innovations on the innovation stage.

The conference programme, in partnership for the second time with the Institut des hautes études du ministère de l’Intérieur (IHEMI), will be centred around the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and the security challenges that it presents, but also the games as a vector of transformation and legacies.

For the first time this year Milipol will also be hosting dynamic demonstrations by the RAID and GIGN during the event.

Milipol Paris 2023 will be 40% larger than the previous show. (Photo: Milipol)

Mega event security

The key theme for this year’s Milipol Paris will be the security of mega events, with a particular focus around the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and the conference schedule therefore reflects this:

Tuesday 14 November – Afternoon
Inaugural conference

Wednesday 15 November – Morning
The Olympic Games continuum (Part 1)
The Olympic Games are part of a geopolitical continuum (Tokyo 2021, Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028). How do we build on the experiences of past events? Are there any common aspects to these events? What’s new for the Paris Games (opening ceremony on the Seine, for example)? What are the business continuity issues during the Olympic Games? What are the challenges, opportunities and possible responses?

Wednesday 15 November – Afternoon
The Olympic Games continuum (Part 2)
The Olympic Games are also part of an internal/external continuum covering a wide range including local, national as well as international aspects. What challenges, opportunities and possible responses are there before, during and after the Olympic Games?

Thursday 16 November – Morning
Olympic Games and security technologies (Part 1)
The rise of new technologies is having a significant impact on the planning and implementation of security measures and the organisation of the Olympic Games. How do security technologies fit into the planning of the various players involved (from central to decentralised levels, between national and international players etc)? What are the challenges and what are the opportunities?

Thursday 16 November – Afternoon
Olympic Games and security technologies (Part 2)
The floor will be left to companies to illustrate the morning’s remarks with concrete testimonials of technologies tested and implemented on the occasion of the 2024 Olympics.

Friday 17 November – Morning
The Olympic Games as vectors of transformation and legacy
How will the Games have lastingly transformed the presence and modes of action (anticipation, planning, intervention) of players contributing to homeland security (homeland security forces, private players, partnerships developed internationally etc)? Which technologies are likely to endure, and for what purposes? What transformations in everyday life (transport, economy, etc) are linked to homeland security?

Growing market, growing threats

The global homeland security market is currently experiencing significant growth, driven by increasing security challenges such as terrorism, cyber threats, and natural disasters. With the adoption of advanced technologies and the implementation of government initiatives, the market is poised for substantial expansion in the coming years.

Regarding the evolution of the terrorist threat, the discussion is increasingly about cyber-terrorism, which has highlighted the critical need for enhanced cyber-security measures and the adoption of innovative homeland security solutions.

The cyber security market in France was worth EUR 6.2 billion in 2022: a 9% increase over 2021, with 2023 estimates of EUR 6.8 billion, which would be up 11% on 2022, For the record, the cyber security market represented just EUR 4.8 billion in 2020.

Milipol 2023 will, of course, reflect this new focus, providing a forum for new solutions and the discussion of ideas.