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Iveco Defence Vehicles (IDV) has signed a contract for the second tranche of 1,107 military trucks with the Romanian Ministry of National Defence (MND) as part of a 2019 framework agreement covering the delivery of more than 2,900 High Mobility Trucks for the Romanian armed forces, the Italian company announced on 4 October 2023.

The order follows the delivery of the first batch of 942 trucks that started in 2020 during the Covid pandemic, which severely affected both Romania and Italy and the overall supply chain.

IDV’s 2019 framework agreement with the Romanian MND covers the supply of 2,900 High Mobility Trucks. (Photo: IDV)

The order for the second batch of trucks reaffirms the commitment of the Romanian armed forces to a long-term programme launched in 2019 through which IDV established a solid industrial capability in Romania as a reliable supplier of tactical and logistic vehicles.

The framework contract includes four types of military logistic platforms based on IDV’s High Mobility Truck Range – the 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 and 8×8 Prime Mover – that is further be subdivided into 16 different variants, with approximately a third of these equipped with armoured cabins.

Thanks to their central tyre inflation system, black-out lights, self-recovery winches and tactical axles, the High Mobility Trucks in their various configurations “offer exceptional mobility, outstanding fording capability as well as secure C-130 air transportability, making them ready to provide reliable tactical support in any military scenario”, IDV stated in a company press release.