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The Czech Republic is to host the 15th edition of the biennial Future Forces Forum (FFF) defence and security exhibition and networking event, which is taking place in Prague from 14-18 October 2024.

The primary objective of the event is to support state institutions and organisations in the fulfilment of their political-military ambitions and commitments, as well as to foster development co-operation within the NATO and the EU as well as other partner countries and civilian authorities.

Prague has been a long-time hub for international defence and security community networking within the FFF events, regularly hosting national delegations from over 60 countries and showcasing the latest products and services of about 300 exhibitors. The forum is organised under the auspices of the Czech Prime Minister, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of the Interior and in close co-operation with armed and security forces, NATO structures, the European Defence Agency and other relevant authorities.

The FFF programme addresses the latest trends and requirements in the defence and security area and helps to achieve the much-sought-after interoperability within the Multi-Domain Operations environment. Furthermore, the FFF is an important platform in supporting co-operation among partner countries, international organisations, law enforcement and other security forces, the private sector, research and development organisations, and academia across the globe.

In connection with the FFF, official meetings of NATO Working Groups will again be held in Prague, namely the CBRN Medical Working Group under the NATO Committee of Chiefs of Medical Services (COMEDS), the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Capability Group under the NATO Army Armaments Group (NAAG) and the Dismounted Soldier Equipment User Group under the NATO Support & Procurement Agency (NSPA).

The FFF exhibition will feature over 300 exhibitors in four exhibition halls, with new features this year including the Innovation Pavilion and the 7th edition of the LEA-DER Conference & Technology Exhibition.

Innovation Pavilion

In order to support the implementation of newly developed technologies and services in security and defence applications, the organisers have created an Innovation Pavilion in one of the exhibition halls to present start-up and spin-off projects, university teams, research, development, technology and innovation centres under beneficial conditions.


Together with FFF 2024, the 7th edition of the LEA-DER Conference & Technology Exhibition will also take place at PVA Expo Prague with a comprehensive programme of keynote lectures, technology workshops and practical demonstrations of tools aimed at fighting organised crime and terrorism in all its forms.

The Future Forces Forum, taking place in Prague from 14-18 October 2024, features a wide range of conferences on various defence and security topics. (Photo: FFF)

FFF 2024 programme

Official NATO Working Group Sessions – 14-18 October 2024

Annual meetings of working groups aimed at topics related to the FFF programme.


Future Air Force Conference – 15-17 October 2024

Pilot training – basic, advanced and tactical training; unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) training.


LEA-DER – 15-16 October 2024

7th Annual Conference & Technology Exhibition, covering: workshops, training, tools and technologies to coounter major crime and terrorism; covert video and audio surveillance; intelligence and cyber security; UAV technology and detection systems; technical surveillance countermeansures; digital forensics.


Future Forces Exhibition – 16-18 October 2024

International exhibition of defence and security technologies, covering exhibits from various fields.


Future Forces Conference – 16 October 2024

Opening strategic level panel – Multi-Domain Operations, future conflicts and operational environments.


Future of Cyber Conference – 16-18 October 2024

Innovations in cyber defence: cyber security and defence; new cyber technologies and trends; NIS2 Directive implementation.


Future C2 Conference – 17 October 2024

Future warfighting concepts; command and control in a new era.


Future Land Forces Panel – 17 October 2024

Battlefield management systems.


Multi-Domain Advanced Robotic Systems Conference – 17 October 2024

Unmanned, autonomous and robotic systems: their potential for the future; implementation in the security forces; advanced robotics projects and artificial intelligence (AI); cyber resistance; capability development according to doctrine, organisation, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities (DOTMLPF); bio-robotics.


Defence Interests in Space Conference – 17 October 2024

NATO in space – the role of the Alliance in the final frontier; space for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; Earth observation technologies and strategies; space domain awareness; cyber security in space.


Homeland Security & Resilience Conference – 17 October 2024

Improving state security systems – population and infrastructure protection in light of recent conflicts and hybrid threats; 3rd conference under the auspices of the Chairman of the Security Committee of the Czech Parliament’s Chamber of Deputies.


CBRN & Medical Conference – 17-18 October 2024

Current and future security challenges in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defence and medical services; research and innovation aspects in CBRN and related medical services.


Future of Civil Security Conference – 17-18 October 2024

Experience and lessons identified/learned from military and civil security Operations in Ukraine, in co-operation with the Ukrainian Defense and Security Industry Association (UADSI) and Czech Defence and Industry Association (AOBP).


Disruptive Technologies & Defence Innovations Conference – 17-18 October 2024

An innovation accelerator/special programme within the Innovation Pavilion at the Future Forces Exhibition.


Kybernoid 2024 – 18 October 2024

3rd annual high school robotics competition, organised in cooperation with the University of Defence.



The professional public can attend both the exhibition and most of the expert panels free of charge by registering online. Up-to-date information on Future Forces Forum events can be found at

The Future Forces Forum exhibition will feature over 300 exhibitors in four exhibition halls. (Photo: FFF)