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Cohort subsidiary MASS has launched a new centralised cyber electromagnetic activity (CEMA) database management system that brings CEMA data together in one place to improve battlespace spectrum management.

Called Thurbon CEMA, the system was launched at the AOC Europe 2024 exhibition, held in Oslo, Norway from 13-15 May, which focuses on electronic warfare (EW) capabilities.

Billed by MASS as the first system of its kind, Thurbon CEMA enables users to manage CEMA data in land, air and maritime domains operating in multi-threat environments. The system is designed to support the synchronisation and co-ordination of offensive, defensive, information and enabling activities across the electromagnetic environment and cyberspace.

The upgraded database management system allows users to achieve information dominance with a single source of accurate, near-real-time intelligence across the full electromagnetic spectrum (EMS). THURBON CEMA takes advantage of new, richer multi-threat data to feed its common operating picture.

Designed and programmed by MASS electronic warfare (EW) and CEMA software development experts, Thurbon CEMA includes a modern user interface to provide clear, accurate spectrum visualisation to inform and improve battlespace management.

Thurbon CEMA is an upgraded version of MASS’ EW database management system, Thurbon, which has been employed by the UK Ministry of Defence for over 10 years to help automate the labour-intensive process of intelligence data analysis.

“The EMS is constantly evolving, thanks to technological advances and the continued efforts of adversary forces,” Michael Swift, business development director at MASS, was quoted as saying in a company press release. “In this context, simplicity for operators is key and by reducing the reliance on multiple data sources and bringing all CEMA activity into one database, Thurbon CEMA will enable quicker decision-making. Through our work with the UK Ministry of Defence and other partners, MASS has led the way in EW and CEMA management and we’re delighted that Thurbon CEMA is the next step in improving battlespace spectrum management.”

Thurbon CEMA is designed to enable operators and key decision makers to view the full electromagnetic spectrum, gain information dominance and achieve operational advantage. (Photo: MASS)