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Patria has finalised the qualification of the fire-on-the-move capability for land-based systems undertaking direct and indirect fire missions. This allows troops to move constantly during the fire mission, meaning they do not form a clear target for counter-battery fire. With the fire-on-the-move capability, locating a target, aiming and opening the fire is faster and more efficient, making the system a real game changer on the battlefield.

Kari Reunamäki, Vice President of the Weapon Systems Business Line, said, “Patria originally developed the fire-on-the-move capability for Patria NEMO Navy version several years ago, but due to tightened customer expectations and the prospects of the battlefield, the development was taken a step further.”

The system weighs 1,900 kg and has a full 360 degree traverse and weapon elevation from -3 up to 85 degrees. Depending on the platform, a vehicle equipped with the Patria NEMO can stow 50-60 rounds of 120 mm ammunition.

Jack Richardson