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Saab has received an order for CARL-GUSTAF® M4 weapons and ammunition for delivery to the Estonian Armed Forces. The order value is approximitly 100 MSEK and deliveries will take place in 2021-2022.

The order was placed within a joint-framework agreement signed with Estonia alongside the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration and Latvia. The framework agreement allows the Estonian customer to place orders for CARL-GUSTAF M4 weapons and ammunition during a ten year period. The Estonian Armed Forces have used the CARL-GUSTAF system for more than two decades.

Ramil Lipp, Strategic Category manager of weaponry for the Estonian Centre for Defence Investment, said, “We have now also placed a second order with a capacity of approximately 250 CARL-GUSTAF M4 weapons to replace the previously used CARL-GUSTAF M2.”

CARL-GUSTAF M4 is the latest version of the portable, shoulder-launched, multi-role weapon system. It gives users a wide range of engagement options and allows troops to remain agile and effective in any scenario. It builds on the system’s formidable capabilities, offering a higher degree of accuracy, lighter construction and compatibility with future innovations. The M4 is also compatible with intelligent sighting systems and future technology developments, such as programmable ammunition.

Jack Richardson