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The Danish Ministry of Defence is procuring three Trailander Shuttle Rescue Sleds to be operated by the Arktisk Kommando for rescuing wounded personnel from cold, snow-covered environments. The command, led by a Major General, oversees the Faroe Islands and Greenland, with the latter mostly covered by perpetual ice. Even minor accidents at low temperatures can quickly become life-threatening on the very sparsely populated island. Therefore, fast and gentle transport of the injured person to qualified medical care is necessary.

In the rescue sled, the injured person can be transported lying down and cared for by a paramedic sitting next to him with a sturdy outer skin protecting against the weather. The illuminated interior is warmed by a Webasto heater and wide-opening doors at the side and rear allow easy and gentle loading. The sled runs on four spring-loaded runners and is pulled by a snowmobile via a standard coupling. Electrical connections for lights, equipment and communication are available on request.

During testing, the built-in heater was able to keep the interior sufficiently warm for several hours even at minus 30 degrees. The rescue sleds are to be kept ready at three stations of the Artisk Kommando.

Gerhard Heiming