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Israeli company Netline Communications Technologies has announced another step forward in its five-year contract with the Spanish Ministry of Defence for the provision of 334 Improvised Explosive Device (IED) jammers with a recent order for a further 87 systems. This is in addition to the previous batch of 51 systems delivered in 2020.

Designed to be mounted on land vehicles, Netline’s C-GUARD RJ is a modular reactive jamming system. The system constantly scans the spectrum and responds to any detected transmissions by focussing the jamming signal and power to defeat the threat.

According to the company, C-GUARD RJ provides on-the-move operation and is able to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The system has been designed to provide military vehicle crews with ease of operation and maintenance, and simple module replacement, which can be carried out by operating teams (O-level) with nearly zero downtime. C-GUARD RJ can be adjusted for installation and integration with all types of vehicles. Under the long-term contract, Netline is also providing the Spanish Army with training programmes and maintenance service.

Juergen Hensel