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At the end of a nearly two-year joint development phase, Latvia has signed a framework agreement with Finnish vehicle manufacturer Patria for joint procurement management and a contract for the delivery of 200 6×6 protected crew transport vehicles, according to the company.

The information states that the first vehicles will be delivered this year while the end of the delivery period is given as 2029. The delivery contract also provides for the equipment of support and training systems. The Latvian/Finnish development and procurement project is open to the participation of other countries, Patria quotes from the agreement.

According to Patria’s description, the 6×6 vehicle combines all the proven features of the Patria XA and AMV vehicles. It is simple, reliable and designed to meet the highest demands of customers. Its off-road capability is ensured by an efficient drive unit and the independent suspension familiar from Patria’s AMV vehicle. Thanks to the spacious interior and clearly defined functions, the vehicle is easy to operate. It can be adapted to different operational needs and offers high versatility.

The vehicle is based on Patria’s proprietary 6×6 vehicle, which was first introduced at Eurosatory 2018. A diesel engine with 294 kW of power and a torque of 1,870 Nm, as well as the independent suspension familiar from the AMV, are the basis for the 24-tonne vehicle’s high off-road capability. Protection against ballistic and explosive threats can be realised between level 2 and level 4 according to STANAG 4569, depending on the requirements.

In addition to the driver and commander, there is room for up to ten soldiers with their equipment for a 72-hour mission, depending on the mission equipment. The vehicle concept is designed to be equipped with a manned turret.