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Finland’s Patria is supplying two European NATO member states with its ARIS electronic intelligence (ELINT) system, the company announced on 2 February 2024, although it declined to name the countries concerned.

The ARIS ELINT system enables its user to collect information about the signals from radars and other radio transmitters of enemy parties. The system can be also used to detect, locate and identify hostile systems using radar and to generate detailed identification information based on radar emissions: a vital capability in the modern battlefield’s electronic warfare domain.

ARIS “utilises the latest receiver and signal processing technologies to ensure that even the most advanced threats do not have the opportunity to hide in a jammed or overloaded signal environment”, according to Patria. The system consists of a sensor network, servers to analyse the data and create a situational picture and user interfaces that enable centralised operation or remote access, including the software required for operational use.

According to Patria, the company provides each client with a customised overall solution, from the antennas to the signals intelligence databases, and offers support and updates for the entire lifecycle of the system.

Complementing Patria’s ARIS ELINT system is the company’s ARIS-E remotely operable electronic support measures/ELINT system, which offering automatic functionality and tactical situational awareness by leveraging the existing Patria ARIS framework.

“Patria’s ARIS system is a long-used and highly developed product that provides excellent usability and accurate intelligence in a situation where electronic warfare capabilities determine success on many fronts,” Jukka Holkeri, executive vice president of Patria’s Global Division, was quoted as saying in a company press release.

Sensors for the ARIS system can be positioned at the optimum reconnaissance height in a sensor tower on a mast. (Photo: Patria)