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Thales has unveiled the GROUND OBSERVER 20 multi-mission radar (GO20 MM) to an international audience of experts for the first time in the scope of an online event.

According to Thales, this ground-based device can be used for simultaneous ground and low-altitude surveillance with exceptionally early detection of drones, especially micro-drones.

The company claims that the GO20 MM can monitor a three-dimensional space (360°) in single mode without gaps and detect, track and automatically classify objects from the entire threat spectrum. This includes the simultaneous detection of fast and slow as well as large and small objects such as drones and helicopters in lower airspace, infantry and armed vehicles. Every six seconds, the data is refreshed and objects in the distance band between 300 m and 15 km are displayed, depending on their size (or radar return cross-section).

The VENUS human-machine interface helps the operator to quickly detect threats automatically and provides valuable time to decide on counter-strategies, Thales writes.

The GO20 MM can be transported by two operators and set up within five minutes. If required, the device can be operated from a mast or a vehicle. Power can be supplied either from a battery pack (for several hours of operation) or from a generator (for continuous operation).