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Hensoldt is developing new AI-based decision-making processes for military operations as part of the “GhostPlay” project, the company writes in a press release. This is intended to support military action at the tactical level at the highest operational speed using a synthetic simulation environment. The technology project, conducted in cooperation with Helmut Schmidt University, Hamburg, Germany, will run until the end of 2024 and is funded by the Centre for Digitisation and Technology Research of the Bundeswehr (DTEC.Bw).

Among other things, the research project will look at the extent to which military operations and decisions can be accelerated by AI and the resulting opportunities and risks. The project will examine how AI-based decision support can support the sensor-weapon network of a swarm of unmanned systems in complex missions in support of Suppression of Enemy Air Defences and how the interaction of the individual elements of a defence system can be optimised. At the same time, ethical aspects of relevance will be investigated.