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Oshkosh Defense has received its 15th production order for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) since series production started in 2015. The JLTV is procured centrally by the US Army for all branches of the armed forces in the US as well as for partners. The new contract is for the delivery of 1,669 JLTVs, 868 associated trailers and related package and installation kits. It is worth US$591.6M (approximately €523M) with 20,000 vehicles worth $6Bn now under contract. About half of the demand is registered by the US Armed Forces.

Oshkosh says that it has already built over 14,000 JLTVs. The 15th order includes 125 vehicles for the armed forces in Brazil, Lithuania, Montenegro and Slovenia. Some of these are being supplied from previous orders. Marketing, especially in Europe, is to be pushed further as Portugal and the UK have expressed interest. One of the largest users in Europe will be Belgium, when deliveries of 322 JLTVs on order begin from 2023.