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Rheinmetall is supplying new simulation technology for the German Army’s Combat Training Centre, the company writes in a press release. Earlier this year, the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support awarded Rheinmetall a procurement contract for 440 “Training Device, Duel Simulator (AGDUS), Passive Vehicle” systems. The contract is worth a figure in the upper single-digit million-Euro range. Delivery begins in 2021 and is scheduled to be complete by December 2023.

The laser-supported Training Device, Duel Simulator (AGDUS) consists of sensors on the vehicle that receive laser signals, the central electronics and a display and control unit. The systems enable realistic combat training through precise determination of the simulated hit location and a detailed damage simulation based on vehicle-specific damage models. All data and facts concerning the laser-based engagement are relayed in near-real time to the exercise control cell, where the results of hits are depicted optically.

The AGDUS passive version currently in service is a cable-based system. In the new version, the “AGDUS passiv” vehicle target system features a wireless connection to the central electronics. The connection to the sensor modules necessary for detection relies on radio transmission. Furthermore, the equipment now includes a roof sensor that enables detection of hits from shots fired from above. This covers scenarios such as fire from rooftops.