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The Eurofighter TYPHOON combat aircraft in service in Germany and Spain will receive the new European Common Radar System (ECRS), for which Hensoldt is the design authority. The Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) sensor, also known as E-Scan, has been contracted for the Mk1 version of the aircraft.

In the scope of this programme, Hensoldt has commissioned Italian Eurofighter partner Leonardo to develop and supply key antenna, processor and APSC components, Leonardo has announced. According to the contract, Leonardo will carry out development work on new wideband capabilities and supply key parts of the antenna, specifically the Antenna Power Supply & Control and the processor of the new radar. The contracts have an aggregated voluime of €260M.

The cooperation on this project underscores the partnership between the two companies, which they recently formalised with Leonardo’s investing in a 25.1 per cent share in Hensoldt.

The German and Spanish ECRS Mk1 radar features a multi-channel digital receiver and new wideband transceiver modules that enhance the capabilities of the Mk0 radar. Leonardo’s contribution is expected to increase the range and accuracy of the ECRS Mk1. The first ECRS Mk1 radar is scheduled to enter production in 2025.