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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), together with India’s Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), have completed a series of trials that resulted in four successful interceptions by the jointly-developed MRSAM air and missile defence system, IAI writes in a press release. The interceptions were carried out in an operational setting against various scenarios, at different interception ranges, interception heights and angles. The systems were operated by India’s Air Force and Navy, alongside DRDO and IAI engineers.

MRSAM includes:

  • a fully digital phased array radar
  • a command and control centre
  • mobile launchers
  • interceptors with RF seekers

The system was tested in India by both Israeli and Indian officers together with engineers and experts. As part of the trial, two interceptors were launched from a portable land-based system. Afterwards, two others were fired from a naval-based system, operated from Indian Navy ships. According to IAI, the threats were detected by the system’s radar, acquired by the interceptor, and successfully intercepted.

MRSAM is an operational air and missile defence system that was developed by IAI in cooperation with IMOD and India’s DRDO. The system is to provide regional defence against various maritime threats – from the air, sea, or land. The system is in use by the Navy, Air Force, and Army.