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According to a press release from Saab, Denmark has become the 15th customer for the latest M4 version of the 84mm CARL-GUSTAF shoulder-fired recoilless weapon. Current M4 users include Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania.

The press release provides no details on the quantity ordered or the total value of the contract. Reportedly, deliveries will take place in 2022. It is likely that the M4 version over time will replace earlier versions in service, at least with front line units.

The CARL-GUSTAF weapon system has a long history in the Danish Armed Forces. The M2 and later M3 versions designated “DYSEKANON” (VENTURE CANNON) have been in service since the 1970s.

According to Saab, the M4 version of the weapon is lighter and more compact than previous versions. In addition to being compatible with existing ammunition types, the M4 is also prepared for the integration of modern sighting systems and the use of programmable ammunition. Available ammunition types include:

  • tandem-charge anti-armour
  • dual-purpose high explosive
  • training
  • smoke
  • illuminating rounds