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Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled its latest tactical multi-mission, multi-sensor system designated GREEN LOTUS (ELI-2139). Designed to provide high performance Counter-Rocket, Artillery & Mortar (C-RAM) and air and ground surveillance capabilities to manoeuvring as well as stationary forces, GREEN LOTUS features a unique array of active and passive sensors that maximise situational awareness and countermeasures efficiency, IAI writes in a press release.

GREEN LOTUS integrates several of IAI-Elta’s sensors for detection, tracking, classification and identification of aerial targets, from very low Radar Cross Section (RCS) mortar, rocket and artillery fire and small drones, to manned and unmanned fixed and rotary wing aircraft. According to IAI, it also performs ground surveillance, detecting and tracking vehicles and slow-moving personnel.

The multi-sensor data is collected and processed within the system’s unified Command and Control console, which employs AI to enhance detection, classification, and identification capabilities. The combined data is to provide users with a clear and comprehensive Situational Awareness Picture, integrating with countermeasures systems, thus facilitating target acquisition and discretion.