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Orolia – a company specialising in Positioning, Navigation & Timing (PNT) and related activities -has been acquired by Safran Electronics & Defense, the company writes in a press release. Orolia employs more than 400 people in Europe and North America and has revenues of around €100M. Its portfolio includes:
  • atomic clocks
  • time servers
  • simulation and resilience equipment for GNSS signals
  • emergency locator beacons for commercial aviation and military applications

According to Safran, GNSS systems are the reference providers of time and position data in most situations. However, they need to be secured through combination with accurate, high-integrity autonomous time or inertial references. Through this partnership with Orolia, Safran intends to offer a complete and cohesive set of resilient PNT architectures and equipment for the following markets:

  • aviation
  • defense
  • space
  • transportation
  • new mobility
  • critical infrastructure markets