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The US Army Contracting Command has ordered additional TROPHY Active Protection Systems (APS) from General Dynamics Land Systems, the prime contractor for the M1 ABRAMS Main Battle Tanks (MBTs), for about US$280M. Develped by Rafael, TROPHY is marketed in the US in cooperation with Leonardo DRS.

At the end of 2020, the US Army had completed the fitting of 336 MBTs for the Armoured Brigade Combat Teams (ABCT) with TROPHY. According to official figures, the procurement cost US$400M. A supplementary contract for almost €160M was concluded for operational support.

Based on the above figures and contract volumes from the recent past, it can be assumed that about 250 to 300 TROPHY kits will be subject to procurement. This would be enough to equip the MBTs of at least three ABCTs. The TROPHY systems will be fitted to the latest versions of the vehicles designated M1A2 SEPv2 and M1AQ2 SEPv3. The converted tanks are to be delivered by July 2027.

TROPHY has been in sussessful use in Israel for 10 years on MERKAVA IV MBTs and NAMER IFVs, according to Rafael. The German Bundeswehr has ordered Trophy systems to equip 17 LEOPARD 2 A6 A3 MBTs for delivery with a focus on 2023. Last year it was announced that the UK intends to equip part of its CHALLENGER 3 MBT fleet with TROPHY as part of the ongoing modernisation. Initial trials have already been completed.