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British maritime technology company Kraken Technology Group (KTG) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Thales for the ongoing development and provision of systems for the KRAKEN K50 maritime platform.

According to KTG, Thales will provide the ability to integrate a range of sensor and weapons equipment with command and control, communication and networking systems. Thales has also identified the LIGHTWEIGHT MULTI-ROLE MISSILE (LMM) as a candidate for integration onto the KRAKEN K50. LMM, also known as MARTLET, can operate in both air defence and surface attack roles. This integration effort is in conjunction with Thales’ other partners MSI-DSL, who are developing a new lightweight launcher for LMM.

KTG stated that further areas of collaboration and development with Thales will include the development of composite craft, in addition to electric and advanced hybrid powertrain solutions, all of which will be built at a new engineering and technology centre.