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With the new CXT, Rheinmetall’s Mission Master family of autonomous unmanned ground vehicles (A-UGV) has seen a new addition. At AUSA, Rheinmetall unveiled the new Mission Master, which also features a new Remote Weapon Station (RWS). The new RWS is armed with a 7.62 mm M134D twin gatling gun from Dillon Aero and is provided with a fire control system which includes a radar sensor, allowing the system to be used for both Counter-UAV defence and close fire support.

The Mission Master CXT features a hybrid powertrain that enables silent and amphibious transport of heavy payloads of up to 1,000 kg in difficult terrain. Thanks to the combined power of a diesel engine and a quiet electric motor, the A-UGV has an overall range of 450 km (including 50 km with batteries). With tire pressure control, traction can be adapted to the terrain.

The Mission Master CXT, Photo: Rheinmetall

In terms of dimensions, the A-UGV is sufficiently small to be carried as an internal load on a range of aircraft, including CH-47s, CH-53s and C-130s, as well as commercial airliners. It can also be towed with a NATO A-frame and transported by sea or rail. A noteworthy feature of the Mission Master is vehicle control using a tablet and the PATH Autonomy Kit. The kit enables autonomous, semi-autonomous and follow-me driving and automatic and semi-automatic deployment of the weapon station, with the operator as the constant controller.

Variants of the Mission Master are in early or preliminary procurement phases with various armed forces.