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With the delivery of the last armoured XA-180 Pasi to the Finnish Armed Forces, Patria has completed the mid-life upgrade of its armoured personnel carriers.

In 2013, Finland had contracted vehicle manufacturer Patria, in cooperation with Oricopa Oy, to modernise and upgrade 70 Pasi vehicles by 2017 and another 210 vehicles by 2021. According to Patria, the vehicles, some of which were more than 30 years old when the mid-life upgrade began, were to receive a modernised crew compartment with an improved seating solution, new electrical and communication systems, as well as improvements in operator safety. Core components such as the engine, transmission and axles were repaired or replaced as needed. This way, the vehicles are expected to remain operational well into the 2040s.

The Finnish XA 180 PASI, Photo: Patria

At the end of their service life, the XA-180s will be replaced by the new Patria 6×6 vehicles currently being developed under the international Common Armoured Vehicle System (CAVS) programme. Production of these vehicles for Latvia has recently started. Germany is considering participating in the programme, which was launched by Finland and Latvia and joined by Sweden and Estonia.

The 6×6 XA-180 vehicle is in the 14 tonne weight class and, with a length of 7.35 m, is designed for a crew of 2 + 16 soldiers. A 180 kW diesel engine accelerates the amphibious vehicle to a top speed of 100 km/h on land and 10 km/h in the water. The vehicle is armed with a heavy 12.7 mm Browning heavy machine gun.