California-based packaging and lighting specialist Pelican Products will use the IDEX exhibition, which will be held in Abu Dhabi from 20 to 24 February 2023, to present a new range of rack frame cases that have a frame depth of 30 inches.

These will be available for 3U, 5U, 7U and 9U case sizes of the following popular Pelican rack case models: the configurable SuperMAC rack case (11 to 90 kg payloads), the Made to Stock Super-V square hole rack case (36 to 77 kg payloads) and the BlackBox rack case (9 to 45 kg payloads).

As with Pelican’s previous ranges, the new 30-inch-deep rack cases, which are ideal for a wide range of solid-state servers with a depth of 27 to 29 inches, are shock mounted and have been designed to offer superior shipping protection against repeated drops, blows and moisture ingress while protecting the IT equipment inside.
All of Pelican’s new rack cases pass MIL-810 testing.