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South Korean defence contractor Hanwha has agreed with Polish IT manufacturer WB Group to buy command-and-control (C2) systems for the K239 Chunmoo multiple rocket launchers (MRLs) ordered by Poland in November 2022, Hanwha announced on 23 February 2023.

The Polish procurement contract for the systems, signed in October 2022, stipulates that WB Group’s TOPAZ combat C2 system and FONET digital communications platform, plus associated radios, will be integrated into the weapon systems. In addition, the K239s will receive an 8×8 truck from Polish manufacturer Jelz as the carrier vehicle.

Polish C2 systems will be integrated into the K239 Chunmoo MRLs the country has ordered from South Korea’s Hanwha. (Photo: Hanwha Aerospace)

The K239 Chunmoo is a new-generation, multi-calibre MRL system that entered service with the South Korean military in 2015. It can launch 131mm and 230 mm rockets as well as 239 mm guided rockets, while development is underway to integrate a 600 mm tactical ballistic missile capability, offering forces an all-weather, direct- and indirect-fire capability.

The first batch of 18 Chunmoo systems is to be delivered to Poland later this year.

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