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Interoperability is crucial to ensure armed forces can communicate and share data, while working on operations or missions, not only amongst each other, but also with other services and joint forces. Interoperability is fundamental to mission success and is what makes multinational operations possible. Rohde & Schwarz is responsible for ensuring interoperability so allies and partners can work together to achieve Allied objectives.

For Rohde & Schwarz, independence is a valuable asset and an essential part of corporate identity. For 90 years, the family-owned German group has maintained a technological leadership position in its fields of work.

High level of vertical integration

Rohde & Schwarz has the know-how of high-frequency and secure communications technology. This know-how has grown over the decades and made the company a valued partner for industrial and official customers from all over the world.

“We see ourselves as an end-to-end supplier with overall responsibility for demanding tasks in our areas of work,” explains Alexander Philipp, Managing Director of Rohde & Schwarz Vertriebs-GmbH. “Every customer project is in good hands with us, from technology consulting and project planning to development, manufacture, installation and service of the components and systems.”

Rohde & Schwarz has the know-how of high-frequency and secure communications technology. (Photo: Rohde & Schwarz)

The strong interdependence of the global economy has created dependencies that can lead to supply bottlenecks in crisis situations. Rohde & Schwarz manufactures its products in its own factories, mostly in Germany. “Our high level of vertical integration, starting with components and printed circuit boards, enables us to react quickly and flexibly to changing conditions and requirements,” continues Mr. Philipp. “Whenever possible, we obtain critical components from partners who have been tried and tested for many years. With complete control over all production phases, we can guarantee the highest quality and safety standards. As a supplier to the aerospace industry, we have all the relevant approvals for this market.”

The latest research topics such as 6G mobile communications, the widespread use of artificial intelligence or quantum technologies are on the company’s agenda. Rohde & Schwarz network technology guarantees the confidentiality of communication between business and authorities. Crypto and cyber security technology, which the company is developing in close cooperation with the BSI, is not only used by NATO forces, but also secures critical infrastructure and private IT facilities. SOVERON® D, one of the most modern tactical radio systems, increases the capabilities of the German contingent of the NATO Rapid Reaction Force. Naval forces of many nations use Rohde & Schwarz radio and radio reconnaissance technology on their ships. The large number of products and technologies in the company’s portfolio requires its own production resources with a high level of added value and flexibility.

For Rohde & Schwarz, independence is a valuable asset and an essential part of corporate identity. (Photo: Rohde & Schwarz)

With its leading solutions in the areas of Test & Measurement, Technology Systems and Networks & Cybersecurity, the Rohde & Schwarz technology group is one of the pioneers of a secure and networked world. Founded more than 85 years ago, the group is a reliable partner for its customers from business and the public sector around the world. The independent company based in Munich is represented in over 70 countries with a close-knit sales and service network.

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