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UAE-headquartered aerospace and defence technology company Paramount announced at DSEI 2023 on 12 September that its Mbombe 6×6 infantry combat vehicle (ICV) “has been ordered by national defence forcesinLatin America and in the Southern African Development Community (SADC)”. 

Paramount revealed at the show that more than 20 of its ICVs are currently in production, with deliveries underway. 

Part of Paramount’s strategy is a portable production concept that locates manufacturing activities within the customer country to produce and sustain armoured vehicle fleets, drive indigenous innovation and ensure long-term support. 

“Modularity, maintenance and cost advantages have emerged as pivotal factors for global armed forces,” Steve Griessel, Global CEO of Paramount, was quoted as saying in a company press release. “Through leveraging the comparative advantage of affordable overhead costs, reduced maintenance burden, and improved strategic mobility, our company is primed for continued industry and regional expansion; propelling economic diversification and sustainable growth in the process for our partners in Latin America, in Africa, the Middle East and indeed across Europe.”  

Paramount’s Mbombe 6 has picked up new orders in Latin America and in the SADC region. (Photo: Paramount)

The Mbombe 6, according to Paramount, is “configured for optimum performance in conventional and asymmetric warfare, counter-terrorism and peacekeeping missions”. Able to carry a crew of two or three plus eight dismounts, its hull is ballistically protected to NATO STANAG 4569 Level 3 as standard and to NATO STANAG Level 4a and 4b against mines and improvised explosive devices.

The entire Mbombe family of armoured vehicles, which includes a 4×4 and an 8×8, share an 80% commonality in technologies and components, presenting significant cost benefits to armed forces buyin more than one type due to greater efficiencies and savings in maintenance and repair operations (MRO), training and logistical support.  

Priot to DSEI 2023 Paramount released new market research undertaken by Defence Insight on the AFV market that forecast a global renaissance in armoured vehicle spending. This heightened demand is expected to see global expenditures of USD 25.6 Bn (EUR 23.86 Bn) on certain AFV programmes between 2022 and 2035.  

Peter Felstead