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Systematic has been selected to provide the command-and-control (C2) solution for the German Navy’s future F126 frigate programme, the Danish company announced on 20 November 2023.

As part of a contract with DXC Technology Deutschland GmbH, Systematic will supply the warships with what is known as the National Maritime C2 Service Bundeswehr (NMC2S Bw).

SitaWare Headquarters software is already in use by the German armed forces (Bundeswehr), where it is called the Mission Enabling Service Bundeswehr (MESBw). The new contract will provide additional functionality to this with SitaWare Maritime and SitaWare Fusion software, culminating in an enhanced maritime C2 system.

SitaWare Maritime ensures the effective tasking of all units across all platforms as well as the ability to visualise, communicate, and distribute details of an operation across military messaging, email, or chat. The solution also allows for operational planning to continuously adapt as the mission unfolds.

SitaWare Fusion, meanwhile, ensures that the huge amount of data produced by modern naval warfare systems is correlated and fused to provide timely, next-level decision-support.

“We are delighted to be chosen to support the F126 project for the German Navy,” Stig Meyer, Systematics’ maritime product manager, was quoted as saying in a company press release.

“Our maritime solution is a force multiplier and essential for any modern navy, providing the perfect addition to this future frigate programme. We are looking forward to working with our partners to deliver the NMC2S Bw as part of this innovative, future-proof approach.”

A display showing SitaWare Maritime in use with the Irish Naval Service. Systematic is to provide both this software and SitaWare Fusion to the German Navy for its future F126 frigate programme. (Photo: Systematic/Irish Naval Service)