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Denmark-headquartered C4I solutions provider Systematic has been downselected as a sole-source tenderer to provide elements of its SitaWare suite of battle management system (BMS) software to support the first tranche of the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF’s) Land 200 Phase 3 project, the company announced on 27 July 2023.

Under Tranche 1 Systematic has been asked to tender its SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Frontline BMS software to support command-and-control (C2) functions for the Australian Army across a limited number of critical fixed, static, and mobile locations for deployment at battlegroup level and above. This includes mounting SitaWare in C2 variants of the Australian Army’s Thales Bushmaster and Hawkei Protected Mobility Vehicles, as well as its Mercedes-Benz G-Wagons.

“Choosing SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Frontline for use in the Australian Army’s critical C2 platforms in this first tranche will deliver unrivalled situational awareness, as well as battlefield management and planning. Its use by other countries in the Five Eyes alliance will also help to facilitate interoperability across all domains,” David Horton, Systematic’s vice president for the Asia-Pacific Region, was quoted as saying in a company press release.

Systematic’s SitaWare Frontline provides battle management solutions and tactical communications for mounted commanders. (Photo: Systematic)

“This decision comes after extremely rigorous testing and evaluation of SitaWare by the Australian Army during the selection and deployment as an interim BMS (iBMS) solution to ensure they had a fit-for-purpose and future-proof solution,” Horton added. “SitaWare’s commercial off-the-shelf design means that it is regularly updated, is well supported, and requires minimum development work for it to meet Australian requirements. The open architecture of the platform also means that users can integrate other hardware and software through our software development kit.”

SitaWare was originally purchased as a track management capability in 2019 and announced as an iBMS for the Australian Army in 2021. The army rapidly fielded SitaWare Headquarters and deployed it on a number of major exercises, leveraging the platform’s Variable Message Format (VMF) Gateway to ingest and share data around the battlespace, Systematic noted in its press release.

SitaWare is in use in over 45 nations globally, supporting battle management and situational awareness from dismounted soldiers through to joint operational headquarters.

Peter Felstead