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The US State Department has approved a potential Foreign Military Sale (FMS) to Japan of Tomahawk Weapon Systems (TWS) and related equipment, the US Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced on 17 November.

The proposed sale, which is estimated to be worth USD 2.35 Bn (EUR 2.16 Bn), has been sent to the US Congress for final approval.

Japan has requested to buy up to 200 RGM-109E Tomahawk Block IV all-up rounds (AURs); up to 200 RGM-109E Tomahawk Block V AURs; and 14 Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control Systems (TTWCS).

Japan plans to deploy Tomahawks from its Aegis destroyers – four Kongō-class, two Atago-class and two Maya-class ships – although ground and submarine launch platforms are also under consideration. The Tomahawks will provide a stand-off anti-ship and land attack capability until a domestically produced equivalent capability can be developed.

Also included in the proposed deal is support for the overall Tomahawk Weapon System, as well as containers; feasibility studies; software; hardware; training; unscheduled missile maintenance; spares; in-service support; communication equipment; operational flight tests; publications; engineering and technical expertise to maintain the TWS capability; non-recurring engineering costs; transportation; and other related elements of logistics and programme support.

The principal contractor for the Japanese Tomahawk deal will be Raytheon out of its facilities in Tucson, Arizona.

A Tomahawk cruise missile being launched by the USS destroyer USS Curtis Wilbur in May 2019. Japan plans to deploy Tomahawks from its eight Aegis destroyers. (Photo: US Navy)