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“PESCO Was a Major Step”

Interview with Raimo Jyväsjärvi, National Armaments Director at the Ministry of Defence of Finland. ESD: In many western countries, the changed security-political situation in Europe has induced governments to allocate additional funds for defence and armament. To what extent and in what way has this trend influenced things in your country? Jyväsjärvi: This is indeed […]

The NATO Strategic Communications Centre Of Excellence

Since its establishment in 2014, the NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (NATO StratCom COE) in Riga has developed into a knowledge hub in the ever-changing world of strategic communications. The Centre is a multinational organisation recognised by NATO. The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (NATO StratCom COE) is a multinational and NATO-accredited organisation. […]

The European Air Transport Command – Tasks and Missions

Established in 2010 in Eindhoven to fill the gap European countries had in strategic transportation, the European Air Transport Command (EATC) has become a staple in European air transport, air-to-air refuelling, and medical evacuation. The idea of establishing a joint air transport command in Europe dates back to 1999, when France and Germany decided to […]

“The Conduct Of The Russian Military Is Characterised By Criminal Acts”

Interview with Admiral Ihor Voronchenko, Commander of the Ukrainian Navy. The commander of the Ukrainian Navy is planning an overhaul of the service. In view of the threat from the superior Russian Navy and repeated clashes in the Sea of Azov, the Ukrainian Navy is to become more capable. ESD: When you took office as […]

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