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1,587 Logistics Trucks Delivered to Canada

With the rollout of the last of 1,587 logistic trucks for the Canadian Armed Forces, Mack Defense has delivered its share of the Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS). In 2015, Mack Defense had been commissioned to supply more than 1,500 logistic 8×8 trucks in Standard Military Pattern (SMP) for around €500 million. The required variants […]

Leopard 2 MBT Upgrade

Intracom Defense (IDE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Krauss Maffei Wegmann (KMW) to cooperate on the deployment of a hybrid auxiliary power solution for Leopard 2 main battle tank (MBT) variants, based on IDE’s Hybrid Genaircon system and KMW’s OEM platform integration expertise. Genaircon is an integrated Hybrid Power Supply and Management system […]

Major Milestones in LAND 121 Phase 3B Program

Australia declared Initial Operating Capability (IOC) status for the LAND 121 Phase 3B program after more than 2,500 Rheinmetall MAN high mobility logistics vehicles have been delivered and proven their capabilities during Exercise Talisman Sabre in 2019. The Land 121 Phase 3B contract commenced in April 2016 with a four year program focused on the […]

Current Status and Prospects for the GTK Boxer

With the order for more than 500 Boxers from the British Ministry of Defence the Armoured Transport Vehicle (GTK) Boxer is on its way becoming one of the most successful vehicles in the 8×8 (Boxer) class in the last 20 years. At the International Armoured Vehicles Conference (IAV) in London, representatives of the European procurement […]

Could Poland Enter the MGCS Project?

Poland wants to participate in the project, which will lead to the development of the next generation European main battle tank (MBT). A few days ago President, Andrzej Duda (Poland) acknowledged his country might decide to procure a large number of next generation European MBTs as a partner in the joint Franco-German Main Ground Combat […]

UK Invests £2.3 Billion in the Boxer

The UK Ministry of Defence awarded the £2.3 billion contracts for the Boxer Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) programme. A significant portion of the manufacture of the 500 Boxer Armoured Vehicles for the Army’s Strike Brigades will take place at KMW’s UK subsidiary, WFEL. Delivery of the vehicles is expected to start from 2023. This order […]

Hungary Becomes Third WiSENT 2 User in NATO

Between 2023 and 2025 Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH (FFG) will deliver 5 WiSENT 2 armoured recovery vehicles, as well as engineer tank kits in 40-foot containers and demining kits in 20-foot containers, to Hungary. In addition spare parts, special tools and testing equipment will be supplied. Technical documentation for the WiSENT 2 training for future […]

Protected Typhoon-K for Russian Combined Arms Army

Russian reconnaissance forces of the 41st Combined Arms Army will be equipped with eight protected Typhoon-K this year. The 41st Combined Arms Army the Novosibirsk region consists of three infantry and five support brigades (2x artillery, air defence, logistics and command) as well as an NBC defence regiment. Currently drivers are trained, after that the […]

GBAD: News On Pantsir

Several news items appeared in recent weeks about Russia’s KBP-developed Pantsir ground-based air defence system, which is admittedly one of the most capable and sought after GBAD system in the world. In Demand Anywhere? Dmitry Shugaev, Head of Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSVTS) announced during Dubai Air Show in late 2019 that Moscow […]

Laser Duel Simulators for the Puma

German Bundeswehr will soon get Rheinmetall’s AGDUS laser duel simulators for the Puma infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). To begin with, a pre-series of six systems will be developed and integrated. Each AGDUS set consists of laser detectors arrayed around the vehicle as well as eye-safe lasers capable of simulating the effects of the Puma’s principal […]

Polish Ottokar-Brzoza Tank-Destroyer Programme

Acting on behalf of the Polish Ministry of Defence, the Armaments Inspectorate announced that five local and international companies submitted their applications to take part in the technical dialogue procedure. This process precedes all future MoD tenders in Poland. This is the initial stage for the intended eventual delivery of next generation tank destroyers for […]

30 Freccia for the Italian Army

The Italian Ministry of Defence has signed an agreement with the Freccia consortium Iveco – Oto Melara (CIO), founded in 1985, for the supply of a further 30 Freccia 8×8 wheeled armoured infantry fighting vehicles. Five of these vehicles are configured as infantry combat vehicles, 25 for anti-tank defence. The vehicles will be used to […]

Finland and Latvia Choose a Joint Development

Finland and Latvia have agreed on a joint development programme for sustained army mobility enhancement to which Patria is to deliver a 6×6 vehicle chassis platform. Within this programme both countries will develop a common armoured wheeled vehicle system. The programme is also open for other countries by mutual consent of Finland and Latvia. In […]

Advanced Surveillance Systems

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will display a range of new advanced systems at the upcoming Singapore Air Show. One of the highlights will be Heron MK II Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), an enhanced version of IAI’s flagship Heron UAV, which is used by the Israeli Air Force and by over […]

Luch-PRO Anti-Drone System from Avtomatika Concern

Luch-PRO is a stationary system intended to influence UAV navigation, control and information channels and ban UAV operations around a protected area, object or personnel. What does it do? According to Moscow-based Avtomatika Concern – Luch-PRO’s designer and manufacturer – the systems antenna emission angle varies from 30° to 60°, providing effective suppression of rotor or […]

Hybrid Protection Against Multiple Threats

At the International Armoured Vehicles Conference in London, the newly formed Rheinmetall Protection Systems GmbH (RPS) presented an optimized combination solution for protection against various threats on today’s battlefield. RPS brings together the competencies and capabilities across the entire spectrum of passive and active protection that have been developed in various Group companies. RPS operates […]

Bundeswehr Orders Another 1,000 Trucks

The German Bundeswehr ordered a thousand logistic vehicles from Rheinmetall worth €382 million. This is the third call-off from a framework contract signed on July 5, 2017, which runs for a period of seven years and encompasses a total of 2,271 vehicles from Rheinmetall’s HX family as part of the Bundeswehr’s “Unprotected Transport Vehicles” project. […]

Modernization of the Dutch Armored Recovery Vehicles

The Royal Netherlands Army will modernize their armored recovery vehicles (ARVs). Starting immediately, Rheinmetall will completely overhaul another 21 Bergepanzer 3 Büffel ARVs of the Royal Netherlands Army, bringing them up to the latest technological and tactical standard. This will extend the service life of these tried-and-tested combat support vehicles – developed by Rheinmetall on […]

U.S. Army Tests Active Protection System

The U.S. Army has awarded a contract for significant testing of the StrikeShield Active Protection System (APS) to the team of Rheinmetall Protection Systems and Unified Business Technologies (UBT). Tests will be conducted at Redstone Test Center in Huntsville, Alabama, beginning in October 2020. The Army’s recently formed Vehicle Protective Systems (VPS) program office will […]

New Rifle and Handgun for the Japanese Self Defence Forces

On December 6, 2019, the Japanese Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced adoption of the new rifle and the handgun for the Self Defence Forces. The new rifle is the replacement of the current 5.56mm Howa Type 89 rifle. The MoD selected and purchased the 3 candidates’ samples, Howa Machinery’s HOWA 5.56, FN Herstal’s SCAR-L and […]

Russia to Push Anti-Drone Weapons into the Middle East

The September 14, 2019, attack by Houthi drones on Saudi Arabia oil industry facilities dramatically changed warfare “philosophy.” The Saudis spent billions of dollars for extremely expensive US-made air defence systems to find out they are absolutely helpless against the Houthi rebel forces cheap weapons. Dozens of drones and unguided rockets successfully caused enough damage […]

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