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Mobile camouflage system for Fennek

The German Army’s Fennek scout vehicles are to be equipped with Saab’s Mobile Camouflage System (MCS). This is intended for operations in woodland, snow and desert environments. Saab has been commissioned by the BAAINBw to deliver the system before the end of this year. Saab’s MCSs are tailored for each vehicle model to ensure a […]

Airdrop System for TheMIS Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Milrem Robotics’ THeMIS Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) will get a new airdrop system that can be used to rapidly deploy it into warzones. Utilizing their ATAX airdrop system, IrvinGQ will integrate a pair of Milrem Robotics’ THeMIS or the Multscope Rescue UGV to be used for defence or firefighting missions, respectively. ATAX is a modular, […]

Driving Simulators for Australian Boxers

The Universal Motion Simulator (UMS) in Victoria/Australia, which belongs to Deaking University, was contracted to develop and supply driving simulators for the training of the military drivers of the soon to be incoming 8×8 Boxers. The company is supplying six simulators for around €20 million, which will initially be used for training on the Boxer. […]

Muzzle Velocity Radars for Mortars

Muzzle velocity radars (MVR) have been used by artillery for decades, but are still considered “exotic” when it comes to mortars. In 2019, the Danish armed forces were the first to integrate an MVR into a 120 mm mortar system (Cardom 10 from Elbit). The MVR of choice was the MVR-700 SC (Sub-Compact) from Danish […]

Stronger Motorization for the Protected Bastion

Arquus has delivered the 500th protected 4×4 liaison, reconnaissance and support vehicle Bastion (Véhicule Léger de Reconnaissance et d’Appui, VLRA). The VLRA, which has been further developed to meet the requirements of the climatic conditions in Middle East and Africa, has become the core equipment for armed forces of the G5 Sahel zone. Bastion has […]

120 Troop Carriers for Ireland

The Irish Ministry of Defence has awarded Westward Scania a contract worth €24.6 million for 120 troop carrying vehicles. The vehicles will replace the current fleet of vehicles that entered service some twenty years ago. Scania is supplying P370 B4x4 4×4 trucks, which can carry a payload of up to eight tonnes with an unladen […]

New European Main Battle Tank

With consultation of the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS) project in the German Bundestag studies for the new main combat system can now be commissioned. The German MoD intends to carry out the MGCS as a cooperative project with Germany and France as equal partners, each contributing 50% of the financial requirements and work shares, […]

Delayed: Aegis Ashore Poland

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System (AAMDS) site in Poland will become operational as soon as 2022. The programme will be officially delayed by at least four years by the time it is completed as part of the U.S. Navy’s Naval Support Facility (NSF) in Redzikowo, Poland. The […]

Leopard 2PL Modernisation Delayed

A new obstacle delay Poland’s Leopard 2A4 main battle tank (MBT) modernisation programme by circa two or three years. A December 24, 2019 amendment to the original 2015 modernisation agreement to the 2PL standard is at the heart of the delay. However, Poland will have 14 more modernised Leopard MBTs. The 2019 amendment mandates that […]

Armoured Recovery Vehicle M88A2 HERCULES for Morocco

The U.S. State Department has approved the delivery of 25 M88A2 Heavy Equipment Recovery Combat Utility Lift and Evacuation System (HERCULES) armoured recovery vehicles to Morocco. Congress has yet to approve the transaction. Part of the delivery may involve refurbished M88A1s. In addition to the recovery tanks, Morocco has asked for extensive peripheral equipment such […]

WiSENT 2 as Tactical Bridge Layer

The Flensburger Fahrzeugbaugesellschaft FFG is developing a retrofit kit for the WiSENT 2 armoured engineer vehicle, which will give the tank the additional capability to launch tactical battlefield bridges. For the launch process, only the excavator bucket is placed down using the hydraulic quick coupling of the excavator arm and exchanged for a bridge mount. […]

Serbia Received first Pantsir SHORADs from Russia

According to the sources in Belgrad and Moscow Serbia received the first two Pantsir-S1 vehicles as a part of the Russian-Serbian contract on one battery (six units) of this most advanced Russian SHORADs. The vehicles were delivered by the Russian An-124 Ruslan airplane. It looks like the vehicles came from the stock as the contract […]

Australia’s Autonomous Combat Warrior Program

Rheinmetall Australia started the Autonomous Combat Warrior (ACW) Program to develop advanced sovereign robotics and automated vehicle technologies. The program will focus on the automation of driving capabilities at this stage. It is also Rheinmetall’s first Australian research and technology program. Within this program Rheinmetall’s Australian, German and Canadian development teams will work alongside research […]

Common Patriot Development

The 17 user countries of Patriot air defense system are investing a total of app. €2.1 billion in a joint development of five tranches. The third tranche with a volume of €289 million has now been initiated by the U.S. Army on behalf of the user countries. Raytheon has been commissioned to provide comprehensive engineering […]

German-Danish Counter UAV

German company Hensoldt is working with Danish company MyDefence on a drone defence system for a Southeast Asian customer. This system consists of a Hensoldt Spexer 360 radar and MyDefence’s Watchdog 200 networked direction finding radio frequency UAV detector (WD200) and command and control alarm system. Integrated into an anti-drone vehicle, it is designed to […]

Defender-Europe 20 Begins

U.S. exercise Defender-Europe 20 begins. First equipment – track and wheeled vehicles as well as other equipment from 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division – from the continental U.S. will arrive in German port Bremerhaven on February 21. “Defender-Europe 20 demonstrates the U.S. military’s ability to rapidly deploy a large combat-credible force from the […]

1,587 Logistics Trucks Delivered to Canada

With the rollout of the last of 1,587 logistic trucks for the Canadian Armed Forces, Mack Defense has delivered its share of the Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS). In 2015, Mack Defense had been commissioned to supply more than 1,500 logistic 8×8 trucks in Standard Military Pattern (SMP) for around €500 million. The required variants […]

Leopard 2 MBT Upgrade

Intracom Defense (IDE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Krauss Maffei Wegmann (KMW) to cooperate on the deployment of a hybrid auxiliary power solution for Leopard 2 main battle tank (MBT) variants, based on IDE’s Hybrid Genaircon system and KMW’s OEM platform integration expertise. Genaircon is an integrated Hybrid Power Supply and Management system […]

Major Milestones in LAND 121 Phase 3B Program

Australia declared Initial Operating Capability (IOC) status for the LAND 121 Phase 3B program after more than 2,500 Rheinmetall MAN high mobility logistics vehicles have been delivered and proven their capabilities during Exercise Talisman Sabre in 2019. The Land 121 Phase 3B contract commenced in April 2016 with a four year program focused on the […]

Current Status and Prospects for the GTK Boxer

With the order for more than 500 Boxers from the British Ministry of Defence the Armoured Transport Vehicle (GTK) Boxer is on its way becoming one of the most successful vehicles in the 8×8 (Boxer) class in the last 20 years. At the International Armoured Vehicles Conference (IAV) in London, representatives of the European procurement […]

Could Poland Enter the MGCS Project?

Poland wants to participate in the project, which will lead to the development of the next generation European main battle tank (MBT). A few days ago President, Andrzej Duda (Poland) acknowledged his country might decide to procure a large number of next generation European MBTs as a partner in the joint Franco-German Main Ground Combat […]

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