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Spanish companies ESCRIBANO Mechanical & Engineering (ESCRIBANO), GMV and SENER Aeroespacial have signed a Partnership Agreement to work together to develop and spearhead solutions in the area of missile systems and other high-performance guided munitions. This is part of the SMS initiative recently launched by SENER Aeroespacial, ESCRIBANO wrote in a press release.

This continues the process of consolidating a new national industrial actor that brings together the combined capabilities and experiences of the three companies. As a result, the national industry is in a position to undertake national and international programmes in the area of missile systems in the best possible conditions. The goal is to help improve efficiency and maximise the economic, industrial and technological returns on the public investment needed to obtain and maintain costly missile systems during their long-life cycles. This initiative enhances Spain’s industrial defence fabric by reducing fragmentation and promoting technological specialisation in a strategic industrial sector.

For ESCRIBANO, this is a great example of national industrial collaboration to cover a new and innovative strategic capacity, such as the missile systems sector at a national level, one that is of interest to our Armed Forces.

Jack Richardson