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The SENTINEL 2.0 and SENTINEL 30 systems from the Spanish company Escribano M&E have successfully passed the SAT tests in Peru undertaken on the Peruvian Navy patrol boats PPMM 208 BAP RÍO TUMBES and PPMM 209 RÍO LOCUMBA. The SENTINEL 2.0 station integrates Browning 12.70 mm calibre heavy machine guns. Equipped with an infrared and a day camera and a laser range finder (LRF), SENTINEL 30 allows the operator to locate and engage targets around the clock. Automatic target tracking using video from both cameras provides for immediate and lethal effectiveness. The SENTINEL 30 station can mount a 30mm cannon (MK44S BUSHMASTER II) and can be adapted to 40mm without modification. Both weapon stations can be remotely controlled from a console by a single operator under protection inside the boat.

Both systems are “stand-alone” solutions that can either be integrated with the combat, navigation or data system of the patrol boat or can integrate an electro-optical system for long range detection and threat tracking, as, for example, the configurations installed on the BAP UNION or the BAP PISCO of the Peruvian Navy. The performance and firepower of the SENTINEL RWS has been combined with a new generation of the OTEOS electro-optical system, thus enhancing observation and surveillance capabilities. Escribano M&E has cooperated with SIMA in Peru for years. This cooperation has resulted in the installation of different naval systems on ships of the Peruvian Navy, such as the river patrol boats CLAVERO and CASTILLA, the sailing training ship BAP UNION and the multipurpose ship BAP PISCO with the SCAMO system (System of Control of Remote Stations by Optronic Means).

Juergen Hensel