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General Motors Defense (GMD) used the AUSA 2021 expo last week to unveil new variants of the Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV). According to GMD, the ideas are based on experience gained during testing of the ISV, as well as feedback from the troops.

The ISV 5 Heavy Weapon Gun Carrier has been equipped with a 12.7 mm machine gun on a ring mount. In addition, the crew can use light machine guns via pintle mounts on both sides. This vehicle is suitable for fire support of airborne troops, with four of the nine seats assigned as operator stations and for ammunition storage. The ISV 5 has not yet been ordered by the US Army, Steve duMont, President of GM Defence, said at the presentation of the vehicle.

Electric Variant

An all-electric version of the ISV was also presented at the event. In this vehicle, GM’s eCrate electric powertrain replaces the internal combustion engine. The electric motor under the bonnet has an output of 149 kW and is powered by a 60 kWh battery, providing a range of between 110 and 240 km, according to the company. The drive is on the rear axle and reportedly all-wheel drive is also possible. Armament consists of a remote-controlled R150 weapon station from EOS, which weighs less than 80 kg and can be equipped with machine guns up to 12.7 mm. The electric drive enables almost silent driving and observation (silent watch) although this version also loses four seats to make room for the battery under a load floor.

In 2020, GMD was contracted by the US Army Contracting Command to deliver 649 ISVs by 2024 for US$214M (about €185M). To date, 70 vehicles have been delivered with a production rate of eight per month. The US Army has a total requirement of 2,065 ISV, to be covered in the next ten years.

The ISV is based on a Chevrolet COLORADO ZR2 and is powered by a 136 kW diesel engine. The curb weight amounts to 2.3 tonnes offering a payload capacity of 1.5 tonne. The nine-person crew is accommodated in four rows of seats with a view to all directions. The vehicle can be airlifted by helicopters such as the UH-60 BLACKHAWK and in the CH-47 CHINOOK.