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Plasan has added a larger variant to its SandCat range of protected off-road vehicles with the two-axle permanent four-wheel drive StormRider. The vehicle features the same drivetrain as the SandCat, integrated with a four-wheel-drive transfer case and heavy-duty independent suspension in an all-new monocoque hull, Plasan writes.

The new vehicle is larger than the SandCat Mk-IV and SandCat M-LPV variants and can accommodate up to 10 personnel. It is fully protected against ballistic and IED threats as well as mines (up to level three or 2A/2B according to STANAG 4569). The modular protection is achieved with kitted hull technology, in which the protective elements are bolted to the base-protected vehicle.

The StormRider is designed for blast protection. Features include the three-dimensional V-shaped underbody, floating vehicle floors, footrests and energy-absorbing seats. Quick-release combat-locks allow crews to quickly mount and dismount.

With a total weight of 11.5 tonnes, the vehicle is one of the heavier ones in the 4×4 class. The chassis is derived from the Ford F350, the platform from which the V8 engine with 240 kW drive power also derives.

With the StormRider, Plasan wants to build on the success of the SandCat series, of which more than 800 vehicles have been sold to date for armed and security forces in over 18 countries on all continents.