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At AUVSI Xponential in Orlando, Florida, Teledyne FLIR has unveiled the HADRON 640R, a camera that combines a 640×512 pixel resolution radiometric boson thermal imager and a 64 MP optical camera in a Size, Weight and Power Consumption optimised design.

As Teledyne writes, the design of this camera system has been optimised for integration with:

  • unmanned aerial systems
  • unmanned ground vehicles
  • robotic platforms
  • emerging AI applications

In these applications, extremely compact design, high battery life and long operating time are crucial. Reportedly, the Long-Wave Infrared thermal imaging camera, with a resolution of 640 x 512 pixels, provides a temperature reading for each pixel in the sensor field and can see through:

  • total darkness
  • smoke
  • fog
  • glare

Combined with the 64MP high-resolution optical visible camera, the HDRON 640R is capable of providing both thermal and visible imagery compatible with today’s on-device and edge computing processors for AI and machine learning applications, the company emphasises.