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Patria used the MSPO 2022 exhibition in Poland to showcase its AMV XP wheeled (8×8) vehicle in the IFV configuration selected by Slovakia.

At the end of August, Slovakia ordered 76 AMV XP vehicles via government-to-government purchase for their Bojové Obrnené Vozidla (BOV) programme. The contract was valued at €447M, and covers the delivery of three variants. The IFV configuration will be armed with the TURRA 30 remote turret from the Slovakian company EVPÚ, which is armed with a Bushmaster II Mk44 30 mm automatic cannon, two ATGMs and smoke grenade launchers. Deliveries are due to commence in 2023, following which the vehicles will serve in the country’s Heavy Mechanised Brigade, due to be stood up under Slovakia’s NATO commitments.

Earlier AMV XP Agreements

The Polish Army has been using several variants of the ROSOMAK (based on Patria’s AMV 8×8) vehicle. The original agreement, signed in 2003, covered 690 vehicles in 10 variants, with several additional contracts signed afterwardsIn total, Polish company Rosomak SA in SiemianowiceŚląskie manufactured almost 900 ROSOMAKs, but due to license limitations, Poland was unable to sell it abroad easily. Additionally, their right to produce them is due to expire in 2023.

During MSPO 2022, a Patria representative underscored that compared to a ‘classic ROSOMAK, the AMV XP has been provided with significant improvements, including lighter suspension and being fully digitalised. The AMV XP sub-family has been described as possessing eXtra Payload, eXtraPerformance, and eXtra Protection”. In terms of protection, the AMV XP’s armour is scalable to above STANAG 4569 level 4a/4b. In terms of armament options, it can be fitted with Patria’s NEMO 120 mm turreted mortar system or anti-tank/anti-air missiles. The AMV XP was presented for the first time in Kielce in 2015, and Poland acquired a license to manufacture them in 2019.