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During the MSPO 2022 exhibition in Kielce, AMZ Kutno presented the medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) variant of their TUR 7 (Eng: AUROCHS) 4×4 protected patrol vehicle. AMZ Kutno explained that the design of this particular variant was influenced by the War in Ukraine.

In terms of mobility characteristics, the TUR 7 is equipped with a 6-cylinder diesel engine developing 212.5 kW (285 hp), and independent suspension at each wheel. In terms of dimensions, the vehicle is 6 m in length, and 2.5 m in width. It has a baseline ballistic protection rating of STANAG 4569 Level 1 and mine protection at Level 3a. The MEDEVAC variant has a crew of two and can transport one wounded passenger on a stretcher, with sufficient space in the rear for a medical team.

The new variant demonstrates the continued growth of AMZ Kutno’s vehicle range. In 2015 the company presented the TUR V, which was then offered as a proposal for Poland’s new protected patrol vehicle requirement (codenamed PEGAZ), intended to fill the gap between armoured 8×8 and 6×6 vehicles and unarmoured light utility vehicles, such as the HMMWV. An updated version of TUR V was shown at MSPO 2017, and was slightly smaller than the earlier iteration of the vehicle variant, at 5.8 m in length and 2.5 m in width. The larger and heavier TUR VI was presented at MSPO 2019, and was ordered by the Polish Police the same year.